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Welcome to TibiaFun. This game is that you create a character and give a link to expand the level of: the forum page, give your friends and so on. Anyone who enters on the page will increase your level. Level can you grow one person once a day. Have fun!


11 November 2009
Bug - new players haven't vocation is delete! :) If you haven't vocation contact with me and give me you new vocation and nick then i set you vocation. Have fun!

11 October 2009
Begin work on a new version of TibiaFun. On the new Sewerze will not click to gain level, it will be a normal game, such as Gladiatus, etc. BattleKnight Npc, professions, and everything will be like with Tibia. Coming soon.

11 October 2009
Again we have problems hosting. We can not for the next few days to edit the database. This should not interfere with gameplay, but if we can not ban players. After removal of the problem Mistah player will be banned for using a variable ip, so please do not submit it again. Have fun!

2 October 2009
Hello. I today add new outfits for all professions (at 75 lvl), and added alpha blend. Send more propositions (contact) and Have Fun!